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Since 24th February 2022


About Us

We are auto maintenance company which was established to meet up with the vast demand of auto care services and vehicles maintenance in Tanzania. We have the objective of giving our clients a professional and good quality service for their vehicles and auto machineries at reasonable prices.

Our extended services include sale/supply of genuine spare parts for all makes and models, sale of engine oils and lubricants, car diagnostics, installation of fire retardants and suppressors on boosters among the few, more will be covered on the services pages. Time, reliability, knowledge, experience and with modern work equipment at our disposal has become one of our key strategy helping us become the best in the auto care and vehicle maintenance in the industry to providing quality services.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, ensure any job task is completed within the time stipulated. Deliver the highest quality of work in the most efficient and economical way minimising costs for customers.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Is to be the best and reliable maintenance services agency in Tanzania and Africa region, as we create a safe driving environment one vehicle at a time.

Our Values

Our Values

  • Commitment to sustainability.
  • Innovation and excellence.
  • Team work and punctuality.

We work together as a team with mutual respect, honesty and hard work, we adhere to high ethical standards with the aim in mind of doing the right thing at the right time and the right place.



What do we Offer?

We offer a dynamic range of services and products from engine oils, gear oils, brake fluids, coolants and greases for motorbikes, cars, trucks and other heavy duty vehicles, we perform routine diagnostic procedures on motor vehicles and also we repair and perform maintenance on drill rigs and boosters to say the few. More on our services in the next following pages.

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Spare parts & Car Services

This is one of the essential fundamental of the car maintenance aspect in every vehicle and for any driver to pay attention to for a better and safer drive and vehicle performance. Servicing your vehicle at regular intervals has many benefits including improved handling, smoother ride, an increased fuel- efficiency, maximise the lifespan and value of your car with regular car servicing and most importantly it minimises the risk of breaking down.

Our expert technicians are trained to service any make and model of car using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment, and are committed to providing a friendly, straightforward and honest service.The service schedule for your vehicle will depend on the manufacturer, the age of the car and the condition.

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Cummins Diagnostic

Prevention is always better than cure, so it in the automobile industry. Knowing the problem of your vehicle at early stage as signs appear and fixing the problem prevents further damage and makes it safer for you and other road users. With us we will stop small problems from becoming big.Warning lights on your dashboard as always been one of the effective way of noticing any fault/problem about to happen or needing attention in most of the modern vehicle hence making it easier to prevent further problems. Never ignore any warning light displayed on your dashboard amber or red as red is serious fault needing urgent attention. We use state-of-the-art car diagnostic test equipment that is capable of checking all makes and models our high-level technical training means we can make sense of baffling fault codes and advise on any necessary repairs.

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Electrical and Hydraulics Specialists

A vehicle’s electrical system controls an extremely wide variety of its parts, ranging from minor things like your car’s radio, major features like airbags or alarms, all the way to the most crucial systems, your air conditioning and heating.When any of these systems fail it is important for both your convenience and safety to ensure that you take it to a qualified shop in order to get them fixed as soon as possible, and there is no one more qualified than our staff of professionals. Our staff can handle all electrical and hydraulics maintenance aspects of your motor vehicle.

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Motor vehicle diagnostics

Your car is equipped with different computers that regulate the various internal systems in the vehicle and log the errors and faults that can occur. If you have recently begun to notice any significant problems in your vehicle, such as your engine seems to be slightly misfiring and the check engine light has come on, or perhaps you just feel that your general driving experience seems to be off, then you probably are going to take it to a technician for an inspection. Here at BG Maintenance we can accomodate all diagnostic needs for your vehicle, and advice on proper maintenance procedure to undertake so as to solve the problem and keep your vehicle in top condition

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Booster / Drill rig repairs

We have a staff of professionals who can do repairs on Drill Rigs and perform troubleshooting and repairs on all types of Boosters very efficiently whether onsite or offsite. Don't let your work stop on broken equipments, we are able to do maintenance as quick as needed when onsite and also off the working site so as not to increase time overheads due to broken equipments. We also perform installation of fire suppression system on Drill Machines.

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Lubricants and Engine Oil sellers

We sell high quality Petrol and Diesel oil, good quality Atlantic CVT oil, the best quality Castrol Diesel engine oils.

For all your vehicle engine oil needs whether Petrol or Diesel engine we have a very good quality stocks available from our counters.We don't compromise on quality, we enforce it.

Also we test and repair all injector types.

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